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Dani Leinwander

Photo of Dani Leinwander
Education BA Music, UC Davis
CCM Lab Role MSMT student
Pronouns they/them

Dani is a teacher, musician, composer, and software developer born and raised in a suburb near Sacramento, California. Their research goals are rooted in feminist and empowerment theory, with focused interests in music education and accessible music technology. After earning their bachelors degree, they founded a music event planning organization in the Sacramento area which also served as a community hub advocating for livable wages for gigging musicians. They have way too many hobbies including but not limited to rock climbing, gardening, gluten free baking, playing video games, knitting, digital art, and learning new instruments. Though violin could be considered their main instrument, they also have formal training in piano, voice, auxiliary and mallet percussion, classical guitar, and flute.