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Qianyi (Rose) Sun

Photo of Qianyi (Rose) Sun
Education BSMT, Georgia Institute of Technology (2022)
CCM Lab Role MSMT student
Pronouns she/her

Qianyi works at the intersection of musicology, artificial intelligence, and data science, with a mission to make creative practices more inclusive. Her current research centers on developing interpretable evaluation metrics for AI-generated music, drawing from principles in music theory and perception. As a traditional Chinese Guqin player, Qianyi loves to explore how technology can facilitate the composition and consumption of understudied music traditions. She is also a flautist with a repertoire in classical, rock and pop, and experimental music.

At Georgia Tech, Qianyi serves as the President of Women in Music Tech, where she fosters a supportive community for women to exchange knowledge, build connections, and thrive in this dynamic field.